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Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer

In less than a second, a car accident injury or death can change the lives of an individual or family forever. Every year, thousands of people are killed or injured in car accidents on Massachusetts roads. Fortunately, not all of them result in serious, lifelong injuries to drivers and passengers. When a serious injury occurs because of another driver’s negligence, misconduct or criminal activity such as drunk driving, you may be entitled to receive money damages.

My name is Kenneth van Colen of The Law Offices Burke, Espinola, & van Colen, in Fall River, Massachusetts. I am a seasoned trial attorney with more than 10 years of experience helping people recover compensation after injuries or losing a loved one in a car accident. I believe that the only way that insurance company lawyers will offer a fair settlement is by showing them how serious I am about winning. I use a network of professional investigators, medical consultants and insurance experts to help compile the facts for a case that will win in court. Only by being prepared to win will insurance companies take your case seriously. Experience makes all the difference.

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Teen Car Accident Injuries

The long-term effects of a car crash may not always be evident immediately. Even if your teenage son or daughter has been in a car wreck within the past two years, or has already accepted an insurance settlement, there may be legal options to recover money. There are often additional insured parties who may be held liable for long-term injuries that were not immediately evident after the accident. I have the resources to help you determine what your best legal options might be.

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